Dabo Speed Whitening Dual Cream

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Dabo Speed ​​Whitening Dual Cream Founder is the most popular Korea and is finally here in Bangladesh. Made in Korea Authentic Cosmetics. Allwellbuy direct imports from Korea and sells globally Dabo Speed ​​Whitening Dual Cream is the best for your skincare.

Dabo Speed ​​Whitening Dual Cream to care for your skin anytime and anywhere. Get it now, and make yourself more beautiful.


    How Many Benefits For Using This Product:.

  • Protects with anti-oxidants & sunscreen.
  • The ingredients do not contain bleaching agents, do not cause skin irritation.
  • Completely non-greasy, suitable for all skin types.
  • Add more nutrients to help keep skin soft and supple.
  • Very good skin regeneration, especially dark skin, damaged skin, minimizing melasma from deep inside.
  • Helps to lighten skin tone, quickly bring white, smooth, and rosy skin while ensuring absolute safety for users.
  • The cream layer is smooth while applying to the skin, it is absorbed very quickly, and the essences are easily absorbed deep inside;
  • The white layer of cream is penetrated to the inner layer of cells, metabolizes and eliminates dark pigments formed by melanin, blurring and minimizing melasma and freckles on the skin.

How to Use This Product: 

  • Wash your face clean, apply an appropriate amount of cream on the skin, then rub and pat until the cream is completely absorbed, it is recommended to use a combination of rose water to increase the effectiveness of supporting the treatment of melasma.
  • If the first SD, should try 3-4 times on the neck skin below the ears, avoid applying to eyes, open wounds.

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