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Dr Rashel face cream for men Founder is the most popular India and is finally here in Bangladesh. Made in India Authentic Cosmetics. Allwellbuy direct imports from India and sells globally Dr Rashel face cream for men is the best for your skincare.

Dr Rashel face cream for men to care for your skin anytime and anywhere. Get it now, and make yourself more beautiful.


    How Many Benefits For Using This Product:

  • The skin problem occurs over time, containing, aloe vera active extract milk, provides the water and nourishment to the skin, activate skin cells, keeps repairing the tiered and dry skin, reducing sunburn pigmentation. So you will get delicateness, tenderness, elasticity, energy, brightness, whiteness on the skin.
  • Have sun protection capability spf 15.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Protects the skin from dryness.
  • Aftershave (soothes and reduces redness).
  • Face care (24-hour hydration no stickiness) alcohol-free.
  • Moisturises, reduces lines soothes razor burn.
  • Dark spot reduction, intensive fairness.
  • Makes easier the cell renewal process.
  • Gentle Repair: comfortable and damaged muscles, gently repair skin problems, cleans the skin twice and improves the pores of the skin, snail endocrine has a good repair essence.
  • Highly potent and effective facial cream with anti-wrinkle properties. Also can help your skin diminishing wrinkles, anti-aging, and moisturizer effect. Boost hydration levels, speed cell turnover, restore lost elasticity and ensure long-lasting moisturizing all day long.

How to Use This Product: 

  • You can apply liberally all over the shaved and unshaved area.
  • You should use it in  the morning all over the face avoiding the eye area.
  • For best results combine usage with other products of the dr.Rashel men range.

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