Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Cream

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Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Cream Founder is the most popular Korea and is finally here in Korea. Made in Bangladesh Authentic Cosmetics. Allwellbuy direct imports from Korea and sells globally Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Cream is the best for your skincare.

Snail Truecica Miracle Repair Cream to care for your skin anytime and anywhere. Get it now, and make yourself more beautiful.


    How Many Benefits For Using This Product:

  • Cream snails some by mi snail truecica miracle repair cream helps restore nourish skin firmness by mucus snail black and proprietary technology truecica help heal lesions on the skin surface, improves the condition of scars concave while preventing redness caused by irritation, inflammation and environmental pollution.


  • Snail truecica miracle repair cream skin care products from black snail mucus and some by ‘s exclusive truecica compound mi , is indispensable for the skin’s daily nutritious ‘meal’.


  • Some by mi snail truecica key ingredients: snail trucicatm is a combination of black snail and exclusive ingredient truecica that helps develop skin’s self-healing and regeneration abilities to care for scars, and pigmentation-improving ingredients help fade blemishes, pigmentation, freckles, and give you a healthy skin.


  • Power ‘mucin’: the strong vitality of the black snail helps to minimize the loss of moisture in the skin, making the skin elastic, smooth. Includes 17 amino acids to help care for the weak skin barrier.

How to Use This Product: 

  • You can apply liberally all over the shaved and unshaved area.
  • You should use it in  the morning all over the face avoiding the eye area.
  • For best results combine usage with other products of the dr.Rashel men range.

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